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Your Partner in Diabetes Care

With over 30 years experience in diabetes and diabetes care, the CDE Pharmacy group is able to source and provide the best in equipment and care. 

The CDE provides educational and clinical support, as well as diabetes management systems, within this important community environment.

Patients can access diabetes care they can trust, in a pharmacy clinic setting. CDE clinical support ensures the availability of good clinical advice and community level support for patients with diabetes.

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Diabetic information books, to diabetic care products, monitors and sensors.

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All our products are carefully selected for the benefit of our Diabetic Patients.

We Deal With Various Quality Products!

  • Insulin Coolers
  • FreeStyle Libre Sensors
  • Books
  • Health essentials
  • Coagucheck
  • Sensor Accessories
  • CBD Oils
  • OptiFast
  • Insulin Pens