AiDEX™ CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

AiDEX™ Sensor

No scan is required. The AiDEX™ sensor continuously measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid just underneath the skin, every 5 minutes.

AiDEX™ Sensors have a one hour warm-up time. The Sensors are factory calibrated, but optional calibration is possible (consult the calibration guideline).

The all-in-one sensor and applicator allow for quick and easy insertion into the abdomen or back of the upper arm (consult the insertion guideline).

  • No scan is required
  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring, Readings every 5 minutes
  • Accurate1
  • Zero fingersticks*
  • Optional Calibration**
  • 14-day Sensor
  • 1 hour warm-up time

The AIDEXTM sensor requires an AiDEXTM transmitter to record and transfer readings via Bluetooth to the AiDEXTM mobile App and compatible devices.

The AiDEXTM App also allows users to:

  • Receive Real Time Alerts
  • Customise Alerts
  • Share readings and alerts with Caregivers

AiDEX™ Transmitter

Reusable with a 4 year warranty.

The AiDEX™ Transmitter records and transfers readings via Bluetooth to the AiDEX™ mobile App and compatible devices. The AiDEX™ transmitter is a once off purchase every 4 years.

The transmitter is clicked on to a new sensor and powered by the sensor for 14 days. After 14 days, the transmitter is removed from the used sesnor, and attached to the newly inserted sensor (consult the insertion guide).

The size of the inserted sensor & transmitter is 36x22x8mm. The overall weight is less than 5.5g. The AiDEX™ CGMS is waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes.

The AiDEX™ CGMS can be discreetly worn under clothing.

NOTE: Remove the Transmitter from the Sensor each time you remove the used Sensor. The Transmitter can be used repeatedly for up to 4 years. (See video below on how to remove the Transmitter)

AiDEX™ Mobile App

The AiDEX™ App allows users to view real-time glucose readings, to receive real-time alerts, to customise alert settings and to share readings and/or alerts with caregivers.

The AiDEXTM App is android and iOS compatible, and can be downloaded following the below links

Users can personalise their low- and high alert glucose ranges. Alerts can be switched on or off and users can choose how they receive their alerts.

The AiDEX™ App offers the following alerts:

  • Hi / Lo
  • Rising / Falling Fast
  • Urgent Low (preset to 3 mmol/L)
  • Transmitter Signal Loss

Patients can grant access to caregivers to follow their readings and alerts (consult the Share/Follow guideline).

14-Day Sensor

4 year transmitter warranty

Zero Fingerpricks*

No calibration**

Phone and Watch

iOS and Android App
& Apple Watch App

Accurate1 Reading

Every 5 minutes

High and Low Alarms


Data Sharing

Doctors, Family and Friends

Set UP Your AiDEX™ CGM in 4 Easy Steps

Step1: Download the AiDEX™ App (mmol/L)

Scan the relevant QR code to download the AiDEX™ App (mmol/L) onto your device. Set up your account and complete registration.

Step 2: Insert the sensor

Open the sensor box and unscrew the preloaded AiDEX™ applicator anticlockwise. Insert the sensor into the abdomen or back of the upper arm. (note 1. site preparation, 2. direction of insertion and 3. correct engagement of the inserter, as outlined in the insertion guideline).

Step 3: Attach the transmitter
Align and attach the AiDEX™ transmitter to the installed sensor.(consult the insertion guide)

Step 4: Pair the transmitter and view readings

Pair the transmitter within 30 minutes to the AiDEX™ App to allow data transfer. Sensor warm-up is one hour. Users can view their readings on the AiDEX™ App and will receive real-time alerts on their linked devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AiDEX™ CGMS work?

AiDEX™ is a minimally invasive medical device that continuously measures the interstitial glucose concentration. The AIDEX™ sensor is inserted subcutaneously and data is transmitted to the AIDEX™ App or reader via Bluetooth from the linked AiDEX™ transmitter.

Can I bathe, shower and Swim with the Sensor?

Yes, the AiDEX CGM System is water resistant and will continue to work under water, as long as it is not submerged more than 1 meter under water or kept submerged for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Where can I wear the sensor?

The AiDEX™ CGM sensor can be worn on the abdomen or back of the upper arm.

What is the Bluetooth Transfer Range Between My Sensor and Smart Device?

2-4 meters without obstruction.

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