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A FreeStyle Libre sensor lasts 14 days and costs R990.
Two sensors are required per month.

Most medical aids pay for your FreeStyle Libre from medical savings. To find out if your FreeStyle Libre is authorised by your medical aid, contact: 
Contact: (010) 786 0316
email: abbottdiabetescaresa@supportwindow.com

The FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System allows an accurate glucose reading in just one painless one-second scan. 

For more information on how the sensor works and for additional product information contact:
Abbott Diabetes Customer Service Department on 0800 222 688
email: DiabetesCareSouthAfrica@abbott.com


OPTIFAST® is only attainable through a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) accredited dietitian. Your dietitian may provide you with product from his / her practice, or provide you with the means to purchase OPTIFAST® from the CDE Online Store. To find a VLCD-accredited dietitian near you, kindly visit: http://www.cdediabetes.co.za/home/utlities/find-a-dietitian.htm
The success of a VLCD Programme largely depends on the support  and counselling provided by an accredited dietitian or appropriate healthcare professional. The ability to purchase OPTIFAST® over the counter may not result in the required follow-up with the dietitian or healthcare professional, and thus may impact the success of the Programme.

A Very Low Calorie Diet, provides roughly 800 kcal of energy per day for the first 8 weeks. This phase is then followed by a gradual reintroduction of food through the next 3 phases of the Programme. Although most individuals will start with the first phase and work their way through to the Maintenance Phase, the Programme can be tailored to the individual to ensure that it suits his / her lifestyle needs and weight-loss goals. During this time, the individual has frequent contact with an accredited dietitian or appropriate healthcare professional, where he / she provides structured counselling on nutrition and behaviour change. This teaches individuals how to make sustainable lifestyle changes that aids in keeping the weight off long-term.


For the first phase of the VLCD Programme, OPTIFAST® is used for total meal replacement. During this phase at least 2 cups of low-starch vegetables (your dietitian will provide a list of allowed vegetables) should be consumed to assist with the provision of fibre, water and nutrients. Once you move on to the next phase, the number of OPTIFAST® products reduces to 2 per day in addition to one low-calorie meal of approximately 350 calories. This is consumed along with low-starch vegetables and one serving of fruit and one serving of dairy. Phase 3 entails 1 OPTIFAST® product, 2 low-calorie meals, 2 fruits, 1 dairy product as well as low-starch vegetables. In the Maintenance Phase, the OPTIFAST® products are removed entirely and replaced by 3 low-calorie meals along with the fruit, diary product and low-starch vegetables as is in Phase 3.

A VLCD Programme has many benefits for various different conditions, not only diabetes. These conditions include: weight-loss before knee- or hip-replacement surgery; weight-loss before bariatric surgery; lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose; as well as possibly improving infertility, sleep apnoea and psoriasis. Ultimately anyone who needs to lose weight should benefit from a VLCD Programme, provided that they meet the inclusion criteria.

As we make use of economy to courier OPTIFAST®, you can expect to receive your order in 1 – 3 days.