MiaoMiao 2

Smart Reader for Freestyle Libre

Convert Your FreeStyle Libre Sensor into a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) with the MiaoMiao2 Smart Reader. Scanning the Libre Sensor is a thing of the past. Readings are now continuously scanned via Bluetooth every 5 minutes to your phone or watch. With MiaoMiao2 you now get to use your Libre sensor as a real CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) with alarms for low or high blood sugar levels without the need to scan the Libre sensor. MiaoMiao will change your life and how you effectively manage your diabetic glucose levels. MiaoMiao2 can even be used as part of setting up an artificial/bionic pancreas.

Check BG Level on your phone

With MiaoMiao, your glucose information transmits to your phone automatically via the Tomato App or other compatible apps. You don’t have to scan your Libre sensor to know your glucose level in real-time.

Auto BG Alert

MiaoMiao collects real-time glucose information every 5 minutes. The Tomato App sends you alerts when your BG level is too high or when its rapidly trending too high or too low.

Share BG Level with your family

Using MiaoMiao with the Tomato App or other compatible apps, you can share your BG levels with your family. For parents, this is very helpful to monitor their children’s BG level.

IP67 Waterproof

MiaoMiao2 is designed to be IP67 waterproof. This means that it can be  dropped into water up to one meter deep for half an hour. You can shower with it on, or swim with it in shallow water.


MiaoMiao2 is rechargeable and a single charge can last for approximately 14 days.

Slim & Comfortable

MiaoMiao2 is slim and comfortable. You will not be aware of it once attached.

Easy to wear

MiaoMiao2 can be attached with adhesive stickers or over plasters. You can also use the arm band holder provided to help keep it in place.

Download Tomato App

The Smarter Way to get a CGM for Diabetics!

MiaoMiao2 can be attached with adhesive stickers or over plasters. You can also use the arm band holder provided to help keep it in place.


  • The CDE Pharmacy (Pty) Ltd t/a The Centre Pharmacy is an authorised distributor for the MiaoMaio2 unit
  • The CDE Pharmacy provides a 30 day only money back guarantee on all MiaoMiao2 readers purchased through their online and retail store  
  • The CDE Pharmacy and MiaoMiao.co.za do not provide technical support for the MiaoMiao2 product 
  • The return is only facilitated by CDE Pharmacy
  • There are no deliver fees associated with the MiaoMiao2 reader.
  • Miao Miao Product Manual
  • Technical queries or help can be found on www.miaomiao.cool or on the following Facebook group (facebook.com/groups/miaomiaoreader/)
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