Miao Miao 3

Miao Miao 3 has a new design and a longer battery life. It is better than the old MiaoMiao2 version demonstrated in this video.

Convert Your FreeStyle Libre Sensor into a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) with the MiaoMiao Smart Reader. Scanning the Libre Sensor is a thing of the past. Readings are now continuously scanned via Bluetooth every 5 minutes to your phone or watch. With MiaoMiao you now get to use your Libre sensor as a real CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) with alarms for low or high blood sugar levels without the need to scan the Libre sensor. MiaoMiao will change your life and how you effectively manage your diabetic glucose levels. MiaoMiao can even be used as part of setting up an artificial/bionic pancreas.


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How it works

Miao Miao 3 Product List (has replaced MiaoMiao2):

MiaoMiao3 Reader    X   1
MiaoMiao3 Charge cable    X   1 –
MiaoMiao3 Adhesive stickers  8 X 5 sheets

30 day replacement or money back guarantee

Important: MiaoMiao3 can only be bought and is distributed locally within South Africa. It cannot be bought from an international site or be shipped to you from an international destination due to import restrictions


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