No Calorie Noodles: Fettuccine

No Calorie Noodles –  Fettuccine


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No-Calorie Noodles –  Fettuccine

Try our thick flecks in your feast of flavour! No Calorie Fettuccine variety is a favourite in kugels and pasta bakes… or perhaps a pad-thai! A thicker style of pasta to pile into any dish… Guilt-free!


Energy Value, kl / 100g10.8
Energy Value, cal / 100g2.6
Dietry Fibre / 100g1.6
Sodium / 100g0.35
Protein / 100g0.3
Fat / 100g0.2
Carbohydrates / 100g0.01g
Moisture content97.8g
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