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Mallya turns

your insulin pen

into a smart device

Mallya automatically captures injection data (dose, date and time) and sends the information in real time to a mobile app thanks to Bluetooth technology. Mallya is currently the only device available in its category to be labeled CE medical device class II-b. The reported information is guaranteed with a high level of reliability.

Mallya for Kwikpen
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Mallya is compatible with all disposable insulin pens: Solostar®, Kwikpen® and Flexpen®.

USB port

Mallya is rechargeable via USB. Using your pen 3 to 4 times a day, you need to charge Mallya only once a month.


Mallya is removable so you can install it on each of your new pens and use it for 2 years.


Mallya doesn't change the way you use your insulin pen: dose selection and injection take place exactly as you are used to. Visual and audio signals can guide you during the injection.


Mallya automatically collects the delivered dose with very high accuracy, then transfers the data in real time to your smartphone. No need to do anything else.


You can check the diary of your injections: selected dose, type of insulin, date and time. You also have the option of sharing this data with the person of your choice.

Available from CDEONLINE from 15 March 2021

Why should I need Mallya®

I don't remember if I made my injection

I'd like to know if my teenager had his injection

I can' say which dose I injected

I'd like to share my injection diary with my doctor

Mallya for Novo Nordisk FlexPen®

Designed for the Novo Nordisk FlexPen®, Mallya turns your insulin pen into a smart device.

Mallya for Sanofi SoloStar®

Designed for the Sanofi SoloStar®, Mallya turns your insulin pen into a smart device.

Mallya for Lilly KwikPen®

Designed for the Lilly KwikPen®, Mallya turns your insulin pen into a smart device.

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