Introducing geko™ (powered by Reboot Pro)

The geko™ device, is a neuromuscular electrostimulation, that stimulate the common peroneal nerve, which activates the calf and foot muscle pumps. This results in muscle contraction and is clinically proven to increase blood flow for the promotion of wound healing and the reduction of oedema.

A closer look at the Geko™device

  • An easy to use, painless, well tolerated, self-adhesive device with no wires that is worn just below the knee.
  • The device stimulates the common peroneal nerve via non-invasive skin electrodes, stimulating once a second (1 Hz)
  • Multiple device settings allow patients to adjust the intensity of their treatment, ensuring a visible foot twitch/movement whilst also meeting their comfort needs.
  • The gentle stimulation causes the calf muscle pump to contract, increasing venous, arterial, and microvascular blood flow for faster wound healing.
  • Increasing lower limb blood flow prevents conditions associated with venous stasis and help reduce oedema and elevate pain.

Diabetic patients benefit greatly from Reboot Pro GEKO devices for several reasons:

  1. Enhanced circulation: Reboot Pro Geko device stimulates muscle contractions, improving blood flow that is crucial for managing complications like neuropathy and poor circulation.
  2. Muscle activation: GEKO devices activate muscles, aiding those with nerve damage, maintaining muscle mass, and promoting mobility.
  3. Glucose metabolism: Even passive muscle contractions induced by GEKO can enhance insulin sensitivity, potentially reducing medication needs.
  4. Pain management: GEKO devices alleviate neuropathic pain and muscle cramps by stimulating sensory nerves and promoting relaxation.
  5. Convenience and accessibility: GEKO devices offer at-home use, making it easy for patients to integrate physical activity into their routine without gym visits.


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