Equivex CBD Infused Water

“We are not inventing the use of CBD. We just gave it the ability to deliver its utility through a patented nanotechnology platform. The promise is there – we have just made the promise more bioavailable, apparent and easily accessible”


CBD is extracted in the form of oil and, therefore, is not easily absorbed into the body, making the benefits realised minimally, inconsistently or not at all. Our process of nano-encapsulation is achieved by using certain polymers that are added to the CBD to create an emulsion, which is added to water. These polymers take molecules of CBD and enclose them, thereby rendering the CBD compound completely soluble in water and, therefore, easily absorbed by the human body.


Equivex Aqua will be available in four fruit flavours and one original flavour in a 500ml bottle, which will be infused with 10 milligrams of nanoCBD.


Pharmaceutical cannabis has the potential to transform the way we treat a wide range of medical conditions:

  • from chronic intractable pain,
  • cardiometabolic disorders
  • anxiety and depression

Dedicated to helping patients access safe, effective, affordable and effective cannabinoid-based products, while also advancing the science of cannabis through research and development.

watermelon CBD

Equivex Watermelon & Cucumber CBD Infused Water 500ml


pomegranate CBD

Equivex Pomegranate & Rose CBD Infused Water 500ml


Equivex Pineapple CBD Water

Equivex Pineapple & Cinnamon CBD Infused Water 500ml


Original CBD

Equivex Original CBD Infused Water 500ml


Lime and Mint Water

Equivex Lime & Mint CBD Infused Water 500ml


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