The Lighter Side of Living with Diabetes

Ah, diabetes, my constant companion in the journey of life! You know you are in for a wild ride when your best friend is a glucose meter, and your arch-nemesis is that sugary delight called “cake.” Nevertheless, hey, there is always a lighter side to everything, even diabetes. So, let us explore the quirks and comical moments of living with diabetes.

  1. The Pocket Pharmacy: Living with diabetes means you have an entire pharmacy in your pocket. You have glucose meters, lancets, insulin pens, and enough glucose tabs to start your own candy shop. Friends always look at you in awe as you pull out your “diabetes kit” like a magician with an endless supply of props.
  2. The Hypo Tango: The low blood sugar dance is something only others living with diabetes can truly appreciate. It is a combination of a wobbly waltz, a shaky shimmy, and a jittery jig. Your non-diabetic friends might think you have developed some secret dance moves, but it is just your body’s way of saying, “Feed me now!”
  3. The Sugar Sleuth: You have become an expert at reading food labels. Forget Sherlock Holmes; you are the Sugar Sleuth! You can spot hidden sugars and sneaky carbohydrates from a mile away. Your friends call you for grocery store consultations, and you can detect a sugar trap like a pro.
  4. The Insulin Brain Fog: There is nothing like the “insulin brain fog” to make you question your sanity. You can be deep in conversation, and suddenly, your brain takes a detour to “Wait, did I take my insulin?” territory. It is like an unexpected mental pit stop in the middle of a conversation.
  5. The Dessert Dilemma: Life’s greatest dilemma – should I indulge in that delicious dessert? You weigh the pros and cons, calculate the carbs, and sometimes, you just say, “YOLO!!!, I’ll deal with the consequences later!” Then comes the post-dessert insulin equation that feels like advanced calculus.
  6. The Hypo Hangry: Hypoglycaemia does not just make you shaky; it turns you into the Incredible Hulk’s hangry twin. Your family knows that when you are low, it is best to throw carbs at you and retreat to a safe distance. Generally, this Guinness World Book of Records time – you can easily devour the calories reserved for six meals in one sitting.
  7. The Doctor’s Dilemma: You have been to more doctors than you can count, and you’ve heard more diabetes puns than you can handle. “Is your blood sugar level up for a game of hide and seek?” they say with a grin. You laugh politely because you have heard them all, but you secretly wish they would come up with some new material.
  8. The “Diabuddies”: Living with diabetes means you have a special bond with your “Diabuddies.” You swap stories about the worst lows, the epic carb-counting fails, and the triumphs of A1C improvement. Your friends may not fully get it, but your Diabuddies are always there to share a laugh or commiserate.

Living with diabetes may have its challenges, but it also brings moments of humour, camaraderie, and resilience. So, keep your sense of humour close, your glucose tabs closer, and remember that even in the midst of finger pricks and carb counting, there is a lighter side to every glucose spike and insulin dose. Cheers to the sweet and savoury moments of life with diabetes!


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