Nutricomp Drink Renal

  • 200ml
  • Low electrolytes
  • 2kcal/ml
  • High in FOS fiber
  • Low Sodium
  • High in biological value protein 14g/200ml
  • Highly palatable vanilla flavour
  • Halaal and Kosher
  • Clinically lactose and Gluten free

Not suitable for children < 4 years


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How it works

Recommended use:
  • Increased nutritional requirements in renal impairment or failure
  • Beneficial in fluid or electrolyte restrictions
  • Increased fiber requirements

Increased FOS fiber could assist in:

  • Soften stool in constipation
  • Enhanced micronutrient absorption
  • Improved diabetic control due to reduced glucose availability
  • Improved cardiovascular risk due to reduced triglyceride and sterol absorption
  • Good substrate for good bacteria, and improves microbial balance
  • Enhanced production of short chain fatty acids to reduce production of uremic toxins


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